Monday, February 28, 2011

Reading Response # 7- Ornementation

Baroque                                                     Rococo
- Elaborated
- Embellished
- Complex in comparison to earlier architecture
- Curving
- Corkscrew columns
- Bilaterally symmetrical
- Light colors
- Delicate
- Irregular
- Curvilinear ornamentation

Baroque Style heavy wall embellishment 

Baroque Style cealing embellishment
"...they use, almost delirious, angles and broken and distorted lines; they tear apart bases, capitals and columns with crowed stucco decoration and trival ornimentations with faulty proportions, in spite of the fact the Vitruvius condemns such nolvelties (Roth, 397)"

light airy decrative room design

embellished cealing with light colors

It is apparent that the two styles are polar opposites and the rococo style was a revolt against the previous baroque style of dark colors and heavy furniture to a more light and less crowed design style. The Baroque style was one of decoration and meshing up everything of the past and cramming it into one design style. However the rococo style that followed the baroque style was a turn form the ornate detail and made it more clean and simplistic. This turn from the past is still a prominent idea in out culture today how we turn from ideas from the past and try our hardest as architects and designers to steer clear from the old styles and create new ideas of design. There is only one problem with this is the fact that even though we try to turn from the past our designs just reflect them even more.


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  1. nice, thorough job. watch your spelling (take it into word so you can check your spelling and re-read for grammar issues). This will help clarify the points you want to make.