Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eradication of Hunger

As a result of the United Nations Eradicating Hunger in 2015 my family and friends decided to redesign our dining room since the room we use now is not reflective of the celebration. This celebration allows us to change how we look at other cultures and experience their way of dining while creating bonds with families from other places in the world. This new dining space not only creates a good environment to celebrate this occasion as well as working as a everyday reminder of our success at ending world hunger.
The new design still creates that inclosed area that the dining table usually creates but instead of allowing the chairs to create this feeling the new table and chairs are all clear and the chairs are even low backed instead of high back making the space more opened and inviting for the people we celebrate the occasion with. This occasion called for a important designed table which created a more social space so that people from different nations could experience the celebration just like they were in the room with us. This table is a semicircle and it is place facing toward a social networking device that allow the two different meals be made into one this invention was created in a hexagonal shaped pieces that are able to be place on the walls of any room in any pattern or shape the owner wishes. This set up has been recently mandated by the United Nations so that every home includes the table and social networking device called The Hive which allows different families to communicate without having to travel long distances saving money that originally would have been wasted. The semicircle table is designed so that the family is opened to the device allowing the two different groups to become one completing the circle shape. This table unifies to two groups making the dinner seam intimate The side board is also a important part of the design since the table is transparent and the chairs have low backs the side board serves as the backs of the table normally would inclosing the space and creating that intimate dining atmosphere. The side board also works to block off the rest of the house from the onlookers and in doing so created less of a distraction than if the space was opened and the outside family was allowed to view the whole house. This new environment creates a close knit network of international friendships and bonds that allow the world to learn and grow in their was of viewing others as well as gaining a more social awareness for what happens outside the little bubble we live in from day to day.

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