Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scale Figures

In Drafting we are learning about how including scale figures in drawings helps to inform the person reading the drawings of key infomation.  We have learned that including a scale figure helps to show what perspective the building is from. Their are many types and styles of scale figures ranging from abstract triangles to detailed contour drawings and are curently working on devoloping our own style of drawing for these figures. Scale figures do not have to be really detailed and making our own style is key to creating a understanding in our drafting projects so i am going to keep trying to devolope my own style so it inproves my drafting assigments.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Progress on Luminaire Project

So far on my project i have a giant tree stump and a light bulb and thousands of glass bulbs. Now all i have to do is put them together and recreate my light affect of layers of light, which will be a challenge since i only have 3 tree stumps to practice on.  However i know already that my light affect is focused on a wall and on the ceiling. I'm also planing to work with alcove lighting.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sketch Book - Personal Best

I chose this drawing because it shows the joint detail and also the sides of the wood. I know this drawing is not extreamly detailed but in my option it captures something that i like about my wood project, i dont really know what is was but just the overall feeling of the drawing is what i like.

This image shows the outside countour of the drawing and helps to show the form of the object i built. This is an abstracted version of my project but i like how it is not perfect and just shows my base form of the wood.

This show a close up of the practice pieces for a studio project and demonstrated how i focused on the continual wood grain. The wood grain was a huge part of my focus and helped pull the project together and make it a structure of its own instrad of a bunch of pieced bound together by dowles.

I have been working with experamenting with diffrent teckniques of drawing some highly detailed and some with just outline and shadows.  I have not suceeded in becoming some great artist but i am improving and will keep trying to challenge myself to find a drawing style that fits what i want to represent with my drawings.

Sketch Book- Things to Adopt

Both drawings are extreamly well done and they inspire me to try to use her shading teckniques and atempt to shade using strong justures instead of blending out the shading.

Sketch's of light thru bottles by Laura Kimmel

Sketch of a leaf by Lindsey Grace
This drawing of a leaf by lindsey helps to show me how to improve my contour drawings not just by focusing on the outside contour but also on the inside texture of the object.