Sunday, February 27, 2011

Theory Reading # 3

In the theory reading it discussed how social patterns are reflected in dining and how people tend to communicate with people based on there relationships between them. People tend to talk more with people they have eye contact with rather than people beside them since they would have to turn there bodies. Also couples normally sit beside each other since dinner parties are normally ways for the couple to interact with people other than the two of them.

I have thought about this reading and how it relates to my dining space and decided to have all the people in attendance face the screen in a half circle table so they will have more communication with the people of other cultures that are participating in the dinner from other places. Also I have decided to have a semi circle so the group does not feel placed in a line where its hard to communicate with people that are sitting at the same table with them. This way all the people in attendance with interact with each other and hopefully experience each others cultures. This celebration of solving world hunger has a huge influence in my space and by not having a lot of extra decorations and unnecessary fluff on the table I am planing on contributing to the money side of things as hoping to influence others cultures by involving them in the dinner and telling them about how I chose to contribute to the cause.

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