Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog Post 7- Happiness of Architecture

In class this week we have been talking about the diffrences between eastern and western architecture and have been given a list of the rules for each. So on friday our groups took a trip around campus and discussed spaces and places that lead to happiness.

The space i believe has the highest level of happiness on campus is the fountian area behind the EUC. This area shows how both eastern design and western design emphasise surface theough materiality since the space itself id defined by the stone tiles layed on the ground around the fountian.

The area near the faculty building is a place of happiness in the spring and summer because of allt eh flowers in bloom and also because it creates a place where you can sit with friends and have a intament moment.  This area showes how our culture strives for harmony and order in all things since it has a defined sitting area and a designates sitting area enclosed by stacks and layers of bricks to help create this enviroment. this outdoor place also uses a stone walk way to emphasise surface through materiality.

Another place on campus that shows happiness is the fountian area outside the cafiteria where students gather to socialize. this area is composed on many layers and stacks which create diffrent elevations for students to sit and talk. This area shows how architectuse can create a place that people feel safe and happy in.

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