Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Post # 4 - Form, Materials, Axis

"The end is to build well. Well building hath 3 conditions: Firmness, Commodity, and Delight"                                                                 
- Sir Henry Wooton (1568-1639)
The Elements of Architecture 1684

Acording to this quote the Moore Humanity and Reasearch Administration building (MHRA) is a well built building on our campus this building blends the old and new styles of buildings on our campus in order to show the diversity of UNCG.

[Firmness] - performance, stability, structure
The MHRA building has a high performance level in that it is divided into 2 sides one used for classes and research and the other used for administration. This layout shows the structure of the building by creating diffirent wings so the spaces do not overflow. Also in the space the materials divide it between the 2 focuses.  The administration is split from the rest of the building useing collums and frosted glass that allows light to filter thru the walls but not to compleatly seperate the space. This structure also uses many materials that show a sense of strength and long lasting potential in that the designer chose to use metal, stone, wood, and tile. These materials are found all around campus and not only match the existing buildings but compliment the function of the space. 

[Commodity] - useful arangement, positive function , and interrelationship of spaces
The Designer choose to inset stone tiles into the floor to act as ripples in order to direct people in the right direction and to show the sacred spot created by the 3D projection of the circle to the intire entrance which allows light to be projeccted through the space and shows a central way to travel through the building from one entrance to the back entrance to the two diffrent wings of the building.

[Delight] - sence of space, positive effect, delight
The MHRA buildings exterior has a positive effect on the campus by marking the corner of Spring Garden and Forest St. in placing the collum entrance facing this intersection the building and the street corners importance have been elevatec creating a sacred spot agin marked by the 3D prejection of the circle. Also the way the collums placed near the doors change form two collums on the outside to one on the inner portion helps create a porch and transitions us into the interior of the building making that inner space right after the door hold power and importance.

The MHRA Building marks a space of significance and value on the campus and show who we are as a university.

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  1. great photography :)
    you seem as if your grasping the concepts of commodity, firmness and delight.