Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Box for 12 Twigs

At the beggening of the project i searched and searched for twigs to inspire me.  then i walked downstairs and found rolled up bark under a tree and decided to stretch the rules a little and use the bark instead.  

After trying to decide on the perfect 12 twigs to use i finally decided on these.

After picking our 12 twigs we were ask to create a parti.....well i had no clue what this was but i then was informed that a parti is a method used as a visual expression of your initial idea.  Once i knew what a parti was i could make one but i had to settle on one single idea and i choose to featuse the twigs by placing them at different elevations.   

This was my second attempt at creating diffrent elevations my first was making the bases clear so you could see all of the twigs but the Mod Podge NEVER dried and has yet to acually dry. So i decided to use foam board an cut thru the first layer of the paper an hide my glued end there. 

Before i created my full scale model for all 12 twigs i wanted to expirement with juxtaposing the texture of the natural twigs with the glossed twigs. But once i acually did it i didn't like how much it changed the color and took away from the natural texture of the twigs.

This is my first attempt at making my project and found out that with out weight in the base the twigs cause the structure to fall over so i had to hide loose change in the base between the layers in the foam board to make it stand.

This is the back to my first model which is compleatly opened in the back to drw the eye backwards toward the twigs bases.

After talking to Tommy about my project i knew i had to make the craft on the base much better and thought i was going to make the base out of one solid piece instead many little pieces but working with foam board i found out that it never looks well crafted so i went to adams and discovered art board and scored one side and used folds an scoring to create the base from one piece. 
The levels on the base are symmetrical to contrast the diffrences of the twigs. However the flat squares are not symmetrical to highlight the diffrences.

The back of the "box" is still opened to show the bases of the twigs and for the final project the twigs go all the way thru the base so they are not just on display on the levels but a part of the structure.

Right Side

Left Side

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leaf Drawings

This leaf was drawn on September 4th near the Mendenhall Residence Hall. In my option this was my most successful leaf because i took time to draw many of the same type of leaf and in doing so created a image that look very similar to the actual leaf.

Here are just a few more leafs that i found laying on peoples desk around the studio.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Place for a Leaf

When first starting to make a place for my leaf i started messing around folding paper. I made paper furtune tellers i use to make back in 5th grade and after expermenting with many variotions of folds i created this prototype.
I found a leaf that was extreamly symmeteric like my project but it didn't quite reflect my leaf. That lead me to create windows that my leaf would peek thru and hopefully show the symmatry off.
I expermented with folds beneath the leaf to draw more attention to the leaf itself not just the form the leaf was on. This was my final version that in my option creates the PERFECT reflective place for my leaf.
Back view
Side view