Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3rd Year Final Presentaions

We were ask to attend third year final presentaions on monday and they have been focusing on the idea that all thing eventuallly come back around to where you start. They showed us two project they have been working on.

 The first was taking a old delapadated building in durham on West Parish St. and transforming it into a split use facility a wine bar and wine retail store and the top two levels as apartments.  Many groups decided to make the loft spaces a place for cuples who were ready to start there life and this made the design more focused.

My favorite presentation was The Buddest Peacock.
The idea behind this design was that the peacock tends to eat really harmful things that would kill any other animal but instead the peacock grows stronger and more beautiful with every bite.  The buddest people think of the peacock as a boddhisttia who is a creature that takes hard paths towards liberation and thru eating the plants the peacock signifies this idea.  This realted to the building because the building had once been a crack house and a brathel and from that poisen was going to rise a strong design and a strong building.

These are two pictures of what the upstairs lofts will look like and they were inspired by the colores of the peacocks tail bothe bright but also relaxing and conforting.  This groups project showed my how a idea can translate into a overall design plan and i was very impressed by the groups research into the buddhist culture and beliefs in order to make there inspiration translate into their design.

The second design persentation was to design the Central Reigional Hospital Child and Adolescent  PCU.

One presentation focused on the ecosystem as her inspiration for the project and the three parts the sky, the land, and the water. The female unit was the sky and the crane which symbolized wisdom and is a token of hope and healing in challenging times. The male unit was the land and the elephant which represents strength and honor and posseses the ability to deal with obsticles he is face with. The childrens unit and the koi fish whish stands for courage and endurance and it is the only fish that swims against the current of the stream and up waterfalls. The designer ment for the koi fish to stand as a metaphore that will show the children they font have to follow the flow of everyone else and helps them to have the strength to make it through anything. These three concepts grounded the idea behind the units and allowed the designer to create a colorful enviroment.

Through the space the design inspiration translated but creating spaces that made the children feel at home and safe because the suroundings were things they had seen before. This presentation by Kalani Gonzalez inspired me to think about more involven inspieations and how research on my inspirations can better inspire my future projects rather than having one base inspiration and just staying with that concept i will now research my inspiration better so it can help me come up with well rounded ideas with a better background in what i was acually inspired by.

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