Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Best Drawings

In class we were split up into groups and told to draw what we saw i decided to focus first on the outside shape then fill in the rest after the shape was in. Normally i do both as i draw but this time i really was trying to draw how i had been told and instrusted all semester.  I tryed to capture the overall emotion of my drawing but i am not compleatly sure if i did so but this excercise helped me to understand why shading and the concentration to detail is so important.  After the class finished we were ask to pin up our drawings and then told we had to pick one to take down and we had to have a reason. This was nerve racking to me since i thought all the drawings were better than mine and figured mine would be one of the first taken down, however mine stayed up for a little bit and the reason it was taken down was because i needed to add more detail to them because the rest that were up looked very realistic and mine did not.  This exercise helped me to realize that i always need to be proud of my work even if its not the best of the group and i always need to do my personal best even if my best is not the best out of the class.

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