Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Luminear Project Board

During our luminear project we were ask to take a piece of dark canson paper and create a plan, section, elevationa view of our light project and a visual reprentation of our light effect. This was hard to do because i am normally use to drawing on light paper and creating the shadow were we had to create the light.  Throuhout the process we were instructed to use high levels of contrast to make our boards look better and that is why my second version is only useing white and black pencils to create the light. after i had a idea of my layout i started to organize my board and draw all my images on the paper.  I chose to make the 3 views of my project smaller and overlap them with my light effect to create a diffrent type of layout instead of the mormal ideas of presentation boards.
On My final board i tried to make the tree stump itself fade into the background and the light shine throuh all my drawings since that was the focus of the project and after all my drawings were done i added a title to fill the space in the upper left corner of the project.  In the end i created a layout that showed my project off and demonstrated my light effect to the best of my ability. 

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