Saturday, December 4, 2010

Luminear Project

For our final Studio project we were assigned to take a picture of a light effect and create a laminar to portray this effect.  My light effect was a picture of light filtered through clouds and i knew off the bat i didn't want to focus on the projected light as much as a over all glow of light like the clouds produce. 

I started off this project by looking at tons of images of lighting and diffrent ways to create difrent effects and atsmophears to a room. Many of the images i looked at were so refined and i knew i would have to create a well polished piece if i wanted it to look perfessional instead of a school project. I was inspired by pictures of a side tables made from raw wood like a tree stump  and branches and adopted that idea to use in my design process.
  So I choose to use a tree stump to shield most of the light and as a base of sorts and striped the bark and cleaned out the inside so it would look clean.  Also i drilled a hole in the back of the tree stump to recess my light fixture and wired the light myself into my tree stump, to turn on the light i wired a swich that pertrudes throught the back of my tree stump for easy acessability.

 To create the layered effect of light i used many layers of plexi glass which are held in by the natural cracks in the stump and the tension created by bending them.

First i used frosted spray paint to cloud the glass but the frosting was not blocking the light enough and i could not figure out how to create a even layer of the spray so it ended up looking uneven and not finished. So i started to play around with different ways of making the glass cloudy.  I tried to sand the glass, i tried to glue different types of paper to the glass but finally decided to use white paint and the brush strokes created by the paint brush added even more of a layered light effect.

 To demonstrate my effect more by leaving the top and bottom and side opened and unfiltered to show the strong unfiltered light through cracks in the clouds.

I was very happy with my final project and think it demonstrates my light effect how i planed for it to.  This project took  tons of research on light fixtures and just sitting around thinking about what i wanted to create it also took many hours of work in the woodshop and many hours of trying to get things to work but i finally finished and i am very pleased with its turnout.

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