Friday, January 14, 2011

My New Header

For Design Visualizations we were ask to create a new blog header that described our inividual design style.  At first i had no clue what my design style even was but the more i thought about it i realized that i LOVE to mix natural elements with clean lines materials and juxtapose the two materials to show the beauty of each.  In my header the main type facce is organic in nature with curved lines and a thicker line weight to show the nature aspect of my designs.  Also the second type face is ccreated with cleanre lines and is simple.  I chose to include two diffrent type faces because it created a order and higharchy of infomation for my header.  The simple image in the background is composed of a light blue, light green and a nude which balances out all the infomation going on with the header.   I chose to keep the lines irregular and unplanned in order to show the importance of flow in my designs.  This exercise has helped me to figure out my personal design style and showed me how to explain that thru a header.

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