Thursday, April 28, 2011

St. Marys House Design

For our final project we were ask to take a local church Saint Marys House located in college hill which is one on Greensborros historical districts and research the building and history then translate that research into the design of the building as a home and a place for visiting writers. The space had to include an area for public readings as well as a living space for the visiting writers.


I started off my design with the concept of shifting and how that idea could be used to direct people through the house and focus their attention. This concept is evident from the moment you walk through the front door when i walk in and notice the 3 floor to ceiling panels that absorb sound from the door in case a reading is going on. Also on both sides of the entrance is sofas and a table that allow for informal meetings with colleagues and students. After you walk around the panel you are in the public reading area where the room is filled with book shelves and create a natural area for the reader to stand and behind this space there is a folding pained glass wall that allows for the focus to be on the reader not what is located behind them. This wall also allows for multiple things to be going on at once and them not to clash.

The section elevations are a little confusing but shoe the angled walls and the public and Private entrances.

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