Monday, April 18, 2011

Two Views of Design- extra credit post

In considering the differences between the design process of Charles and Ray Eames verses the process on HDTV i came to realize they were two very different approaches neither right or wrong just different. The Eames believed in having substance to design rather than just slapping stuff of the surface and they had a overall design theory behind the spaces not just placing things in a space because it looks good like they do on HDTV. However there is a aspect of the HDTV design process that surpasses just having a degree in design the designers actually do things and produce designs that clients and the general public appreciate. The overall argument between the two views of design is wither education and credentials make for a better designer or if they don't make a difference in the ability to create a holistic design that clients except.  In my option design is something outside of what school you went to or if u didn’t attend one at all it is considering the design as a whole and thinking about different ways people will view that design. Designers must consider the environment the structure will be built in, thinking about how it will integrate into the existing environment, and also about how views of the structure may change depending on angle, time of day, and other factors. In addition, the designer considers how the space will feel from the inside, and what kind of messages should be sent with the space.

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