Thursday, April 28, 2011

last Blog Post of the year

Over the semester we have learned about different objects, spaces, buildings, and places that influence design and how we interpret that design into our design process. For our last blog post we were ask to pick our favorite element in each category.

I believe teacups are important to me because of the detail that is places on such a small object and the attention to that ornamentation is what makes drinking out of one feel special to me. Teacups make such a mundane everyday habit of drinking tea seam set apart and i look forward to drinking out of my teacup each and everyday.

As a child i would hide in the kitchen cabinets while my mom was cooking and that space full of  things that with a little imagination became my personal toy box. This space wasn't mine for long cause my dad would always try to find me and join in on my play time, plus it was a little space that i soon outgrew.  This space isn't so much about the design but the memories that it holds that makes it a well designed space.

The Swan Tower helps push architecture to a new and modern age where buildings an relics are not only ornate but also industrial and un-remarkably breath taking. The Swan bell tower incorporates glass to create a light and airy feeling to the design, where the use of the concrete on the base created a strong Ora. The base of the tower reflects the many design shapes utilized in Australia's architecture as well as the sails of the Opera House in Sydney. This bell tower is a startling contrast between the use of the heavy and light materials. This building is reflective of the great strength of the surrounding land scape and the harshness of the climate while also being reflective of the calm and serene ocean which is a large influence of the countries culture.
For as long as i can remember my family has took a summer vacation to Ockracoke, this trip involves aunts uncles grandparents and cousins and after the week it seams like we have grown even closer since we spend so muck time of the trip together. The island itself has no modern amenities and because of this i realize all the wonders of the world around me and how the beaches and just the island itself gives me a sense of calmness and relaxation since it is my own personal getaway from my everyday busy life.

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  1. Very cute - the first two- ...when it comes to inspiration it is very important to find "your happy place" ... because what inspires someone else may not inspire you. And I think you have grasped that concept because you chose places that were near and dear to you. (personal things)
    Good job.