Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Theory Reading # 5

For this we were ask to review 3 different places of design inspiration. Most of my inspiration comes from looking at the world around me and picking out details to include in my design.

The place i most commonly go for design ideas is a blog called A Schematic Life in which a interior designer post images of things she has designed and post videos on how to render spaces. This website helps me groom my rendering style and make my drawings more unique.

Another place i go to for inspiration is a online store called West Elm. In my option this store is a place that has interesting products and furniture that i love and it helps my picture my designs in my head so that i can better communicate them to everyone else.

Finally the last place that i go to for inspiration is Ikea i visit the online store as well as go to the one located near my house in Denver. This design is very Scandinavian inspired and all the lines and products show me how to use simplicity in my designs.  Also i find that in visiting the actual store i learn about how to stage a room to make it seem more inviting and through adding extra things like books and vases you can start to understand the design more and how it works with the space.

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