Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weatherspoon Art Museum Site Study

When walking through the Weatherspoon Museum I considered important points in the experience, those being the approach, the arrival, the waiting process, destinations, side trips, secondary activities, and departing. The play of shadows and natural light draw you to special places in the museum acting as a navigation system.


Approaching the Weatherspoon Art Museum you first see the steps that lead to the vestibule, however the entrance is blocked off by the bright light shining off the glass room and three large columns . Since the entry way is slightly blocked it creates a feeling of privacy to the Museum and importance to the artwork housed there. Once you pass through the vestibule you enter the lobby where you are directly in front of another large column. After you get past the column the next thing that draws you in is the low ceiling height of the reception area and the hallway that leads to the galleries and other activity rooms since the hallway has a window at the end it gives off the effect of light at the end of a tunnel. The main lobby space ceiling is drastically higher and has sky lights that give a circle of light off on the floor of the lobby which makes that space a special area defined by the light and shadow. The light and shadow in the space leads you through the museum and makes you notice little details that you normal would not have.


{diagramming process}

{refined diagrams}
This diagram is showing how the light and shadows of the space draw to to certain points in the space.

{final diagram}
The final diagram is inverted because it better shows the light and shadows since shadow is the absence of light it just makes sense to have the image dark instead of light. 

{factors that impact use + perception}
occasions- classes, art galleries and exhibits, public events
players- visitors, directors, curators, artist, security guards, students, teachers
resources- art, classes, areas for parties, gift shop
surroundings- light both natural and artificial, shadow, sound echo, floor reflection, columns, reception desk

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