Wednesday, September 7, 2011

where i want to LEAP

When asked to make a choice of what location i would like to work on i first sat down and wrote out all the design issues i thought each space had. After doing this i realized that the issues of the Weatherspoon art museum and the Greensboro historic museum both had were ones dealing with leading people to destinations that informed the viewer and making things make more sense within the spaces. However, in the Industries of the blind the main issue of the space was making the space have a story of its own to tell rather than leading one to the story. The Industry of the Blind is a place where their story deserves to be told and the community needs to be made aware of the amazing things they are doing and their struggles and triumphs they experienced to get to that place.

I would love nothing more than to be able to say i was one of the students that made that dream a reality. To this project i would be personaly beneficial because i am someone who is good at communicating and drawing ideas  from what people are saying they want and expanding on them rather than just doing exactly what they request. With my time management skills i will make sure every step of the way that we are on task and heading as a group as a whole in the right design direction for the space. Normally on projects i end up leading the group simply because i am good at juggling many task at once and on this project that is important since there are several things we need to consider and focus on. While the project is going on i normally gather all the work and put together all the information from all the group members so if anyone in the group need access to it then it is all in one place and it makes the design process flow easier.  I think it is a very important task to help the IOB and i will make sure that everyone in my group is working as hard as possible in order to get the work completed high above what the IOB could ever imagine we could accomplish.

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