Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Assignment 001

I had never actually noticed the IOB building before but when i was walking toward it i realized why. The street side of the building is plain white and looks like all the other building on lee street which are fairly boring and lifeless. The actual entrance to the building is placed on the side to view from the parking lot. The entrance side was brick and had plants and a flag pole which are pretty normal for an exterior of a building. However to enter you must walk around the plants and down a ramp to a hidden entrance which leads you to the vestibule. The plain white walls of the reception area and the standard reception desk makes the entrance boring and contradicting with what the IOB is all about. As you walked toward the steps there is a small meditation area with a fountain that shows the factory is not like all the others. When you walk upstairs you approach the office area where there is a conference room and the managements personal offices where there is a open door policy that shows because of all the chatter and conversations going on in the office. Past the offices are the factory spaces that are specialized to make the work process easier for the seeing impaired workers. The stairs are marked with white dots and marked walk ways. In the factory space itself there are clean work areas that allow for complete path ways and mirrors around corners that make it easier to tell whats on the other side of the wall.  Overall the entrance spaces are closed off and uninviting and the IOB deserves a space that tells their story and spreads the wood to the community of the great things they are accomplishing. In the Industries of the blind the main issue of the space was making the space have a story of its own to tell rather than leading one to the story. The Industry of the Blind is a place where their story deserves to be told and the community needs to be made aware of the amazing things they are doing and their struggles and triumphs they experienced to get to that place. The workers overcome all odds and choose to work jobs that the far exceed expectations and produce high quality objects that save lives. With the new business management policy of Mr. Lopresti everyone has there own exceptions and are expected to meet them. This plan proves that people will work harder when they are expected to instead of being forced and punished in order to meet quotes.  With this new work plan productivity has shot through the roof and now the IOB is a force in the production world. The IOB and people who work there inspire me not only to work harder but to overcome any odds that pop up along the way. Also the people an management team has taught me that people will work harder if they are expected to rather than being forced to succeed they will push themselves to success 

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