Wednesday, September 28, 2011

assignment 003 -- DC Speech Presentation

When approaching this assignment i looked at it as a way to express my options and thoughts about the DC trip and what i noticed while there. When the writing center visited us in class and talked about the proper approach to a presentation i felt is helped with basic things that i normally overlook when presenting. The basic things i took from the lesson were when presenting to set it up similar to a essay with a beginning with a hook statement and clear points and parts and to recap at the end so your point is clear and memorable. However when i was planning my speech out I tried to include these helpful points but when it came to presenting all my preparation flew out the window because of basic nerves of it being the first formal presentation for the class. Honestly i couldn't tell you what came out of my mouth but hopefully i did good and got my ideas and conclusions from the trip across. When it comes to the next presentation i will not be nervous since i have already got the first out of the way and i will make better note cards that are more organized and easy to read and present to the class.

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