Thursday, September 8, 2011

GHM Exhibit Visit

{ 1 } "VOICES" Exhibit

{ 2 } PERIOD Rooms and POTTERY Display

The period rooms and the pottery display is located on the second level where the pottery room is in the center and the period rooms are in a circle surrounding them. The period rooms display Greensboro's founding families home. The Tate families early 1900's home is shown through the replicas that show the style of home furnishing at the time. This helps set the tone so you can imagine the time period in which the family lived. However the placement of the rooms around the pottery exhibit do not make sense because the two exhibits are two compleatly different things that have no relation to each other and it seams almost like a after thought to combine the two. In order to get to the period rooms you must walk compleatly around the pottery display cases which draw more of your attention so i would assume that the rooms get overlooked pretty easily and people just move on to the next exhibit. The units of pottery show how the original artist in Greensboro adapted styles of diffident cultures. The bright colored pottery pops against the white display stands and the lighting reflects from one piece to another making the eye move back and forth around the display case. In  my option the pottery exhibit is stronger than the period rooms since they are colorful and purposefully displayed where the rooms seem to be cluttered and poorly lit so you have it focus your attention on each room to understand exactly what is going on in each room.

{ 3 } The  "GATE CITY" Exhibit
When you walked into the gate city exhibit its like walking into the middle of a town in the 1900's. The exhibit was a combination of sound, texture, lighting. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the tree right in the middle of you line of sight then you notice all the buildings with different exteriors arranged in a circular fashion around the center point. This area has a nice flow to it because you can just follow the circle around till you reach where you began. This part of the museum was different from the rest because you could walk into each staged room and experiences each of them for yourself instead of being divided from them by a pain of glass. The narration throughout the space was helpful because it allowed you to learn more about the spaces rather than just things on the surface. The lighting made certain things in each space pop out and spotlighted the key aspects in each room.

{ 4 } The Traveling Exhibit "DOWN HOME"
The down home exhibit is split between two different spaces which splits the focus half is located on the left side of the lobby where the rest is on the third floor. The exhibit consist of a time line of the history of the Jewish peoples lives in North Carolina and Greensboro specifically. Also depicts customs of the Jewish people and how the celebrate different events in their lives.  In the first section there is a synagogue and different artifacts. This flows directly into a kitchen scene where you can interact with the objects and a auditory element is introduced into the exhibit. This helps connect the visual aspects with our normal culture and better realize the differences and similarities. The next area ties together the other parts of the exhibit wrapping up the overall concept of the display's.  The division of this exhibit helps direct one through the exhibit and the lighting and the audio elements further focus your attention to the main points the GHM is trying to convey. 

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