Friday, March 18, 2011

A Pattern Language- Theory Reading 4

The reading of A Pattern language teaches me how i need to consider multiple factors in my design i think the concept that related most closely with the design of St. Marys House was the concept about intimacy gradients and how this gradient can be applied to design. This reading influenced how i set up my public and private spaces in my design and how i choose to shift the walls and place them at angles so they would block the line of sight to the Private areas so unless you were invited into those spaces you wouldn't necessarily notice they existed. Also this influenced me to place folding glass doors between the more Private area of the house and the public reading space so in case you wanted to separate the two you could. Overall this reading showed me that there are certain topics and things that i as a designer must be aware of and consider because if i don't then the spaces i design will not work as well as they were meant to. Design on paper is leaps and bounds away from how the physical space is and how people in that space react to there surroundings.

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