Monday, March 14, 2011

Dining Project

We were ask to design a dining room to celebrate the eradication of hunger and include attention to how social media influenced our design and also keeping in mind the summer and winter solstice. This project started of with looking for precedence and inspiration and ended in a fully designed dining room with a side board and dining table. While looking for precedence i was forced to look at objects and spaces for the little details that i could use in my design.


For SOCIAL precedents i looked at a outdoor space exposed to the elements made people feel and i decided that this flow between the inside of a house and outside was very important to me as a designer. Also for social precedence i choose to think about how fairs bring a child like nature out in people and how all the stimulation from the lights and sounds effect us. In looking toward a RITUAL precedence i choose to look back to the beginning of times at Stonehenge and how the sun was the most important thing to this space and how that importance translates into my consideration of the solstices. I also thought about how wedding dinners are well planed and thought about every little last detail so i choose to look into wither i wanted a formal or informal dining experience. DINING precedence lead me to think about Asian dining practices and the clean lines of their dishes and utensils and how that clean lines make the food experience simplistic and places a importance on the food served not the decoration.


My parti shows how the atmosphere of my dining space and how the soft natural tones matched with layers of colors make the space warm and inviting. While still offering a formality to the space.

[Sketch model]

In my sketch model i wanted to work out some of the lighting plans and overall structure and i found that i needed more separation from the rest of the house.

[Final Model]
Top View

Angled View from the Kitchen space
View from Kitchen
View showing the hallway to the rest of the house
Social Media Wall used to dine with people in other cultures and share the celebration of eradicating world hunger.

[Presentation Boards]
In the final design plans the room itself is simplistic and doe not have extra stuff without a purpose since it is celebrating ending world hunger. The sideboard and table design also accommodate the celebration as well as everyday dining since the round table is designed so the side table can slide up to it and once this is done the table and sideboard switch roles. The table is also lower than the sideboard so that when using the table for the sideboard the food bowls wont block peoples faces from the screen being used to combine the dining experience with other families around the globe. 

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