Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Post # 9

Throughout history there have been many things borrowed from different cultures and adapted into another culture and expanded upon. This adaptation opened the gates for many ideas that soon become very different than the original idea and then those ideas and uses for the object, building, and place change with the culture.

 The colonial expansion had a great deal of influence on our design style today and our precedences. When the colonial expansion occurred the colonist borrowed many ideas from Ancient Rome, the first building that comes to mind when I think about a place that was an important place of Rome is the Colosseum since that’s how the masses were entertained and kept happy and preoccupied from the depressing world full of problems all around them. In Greensboro today the Colosseum is a place you can go and watch shows or games to take you mind out of our everyday worries.

Roman Colosseum

Greensboro Colosseum
[Words] groups, stacks, arches, columns, circles

[Sentence]  The Circle of the Colosseum brings the culture together and surrounds them and distances them from the woes of their everyday lives.


The Expansion also had a great deal of impact on culture outside of the U.S.A. Because as time went on our design ideas started to travel to different countries and they adapted the styles as we had done previously in history. One invention that is a prime example of our culture expanding past our borders if the invention of the plane. The Wright Brothers made their first flight at kitty Hawk and since then commercial flight has expanded into a large industry that connects all cultures.

First Flight

Modern Commercial Flight

[Words] Wings, Symmetry, Propeller,  Light Weight

[Sentence] Flight made it all possible to spread culture and tie all people groups together instead of being separated by the vast distance of the ocean between continents.

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  1. Very smart examples. They do have similarities in language but of course the dialect changes as you move further away from the core of the original design.