Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Light Box

For this project we were ask to build a 12 x 12 x 18 box and make cuts in the box to create four diffrent spaces defined by light.  When i began thinking about space i started to think about how i expirence it and how it effects me from day to day. I came to discover that i relate better to a space when the space makes me feel confrontable and at home.  

So I then decided that i was going to create intaminte space useing texture and direct light and indirect light.  The scale of the zig zags are roughly a inch apart and decrease the space creating a division between the rest of the box. 

Then in class after we all talked about our projects a overall theme in the discussion was how we use the bristol board and the scewres to inhance our light effect and compliment the light.  I decided to add this sail like paper to catch the light  ans bend it creatind a shadow benieth the sail.

After looking at the one sail i started to play around with adding multiple layers at diffrent levels and still keeping with the fourness.  when i added the secont sail the zigzzags suddenly looked out of place and didnt activly effect my idea any more so i decided to rebuild my box removing the circle and the zig zags and incorporated the second sail closer to the top of the box.
The way the light hit the sails the light hit the top sail then hit the bottom sail creating a definate border betweent the spaces created. To show the scale of the box and our design we had to create a scale figure to give the box more context and i chose to make mine small to make the box apear like a large inclosed area.

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