Friday, October 14, 2011

The Elements and Principles of Design & The IOB - 4

Principles: Rhythm. Balance. Emphasis. Unity. Proportion. Elements: Line. Color. Shape. Texture. Form. Space.

In the design of the IOB it is very important to consider the elements and principles of design and how that affects the space. The IOB is very unique since we need to consider the visually impaired in the design so LINE, COLOR, SHAPE, TEXTURE, FORM, and SPACE become a main focus in our design. At this point we are more focused on the TEXTURE of things in the space drawing from our inspiration of brial and the abstraction of that to form a system using hexagonal patterns in the space. This hexagonal form translates into the RHYTHM of the space and the UNITY in the design in the building and making the design of the spaces have BALANCE of design elements like TEXTURE and COLOR in the factory and entrances.  When considering COLOR we decided to use a warm color pallet to make the spaces feel more comfortable and less cold and sterile as it is now. 

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