Saturday, October 30, 2010

Light Project - Phase 2

At the beginning of this project i started out wanting to create something with a organic natural shape but over time and after working with the tools in the wood shop i realized i wanted to create a very straight and clean system. My first attempt i used a saw that created splinters and after talking to Tommy i thought i was focusing on the splintering of the wood. and them started to work on the joinery and found that it would work well if i used the idea of a square pole in circle holes and made the joints concentrate where the splinters happened most.

After my first model i felt like it wasn't important to focus on the splinters and decided to create extremely clean lines so the wood grain would be shown off better since i found wood that had darker grain.  And it was sorta a mistake but the half of a X created when i cut the side out made a detail that i liked so i left it.  then when i was putting the piece together i started to notice the grain of the wood was not continuous and if i was focusing on the grain then it needed to be so i remade the project.

After i started to cut the wood i figured the little X that i had thought was interesting earlier distracted from the grain pattern so i did my best to make the cut exact so that would not happen, but i could not do it so the grad student in the wood shop taught me how to make my cut exact. Then i figured it would help my project read better if the pieces had a mathematical reason to their size progression and i tried increasing it by half, a forth, three fourths, until i just doubled  the size.  So i ended up with this final project that was really clean and rectangular and the grain on each side is continuous and the pieces also double in size from the top to the bottom.

After i had my project built i wondered if i stained the outside rods the darkest color in the wood grain if it would frame my work but it just ended up looking slightly off so i did not use the stain idea.

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